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A Dead Mother. A Father with blood on his hands. All is  not what it seems. Ella is a chilling short horror film starring Anthony Head and Lisa Backwell.


Short Film

Director:  Dan Gitsham

Producer:  Sophie Mair

Prod Co:  Sketchbook Productions

Camera:  RED One, Zeiss Superspeeds

Dur:         08:54 mins

Leads: Anthony Head (Merlin, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Lisa Backwell (Skins).


Limelight Film Awards 2012 (UK) winner BEST HORROR 2012

Cabbagetown Short Film Festival 2012 (CANADA) winner BEST SUSPENSE 2012

Killer Film Fest 2012 (USA) winner BEST SHORT CINEMATOGRAPHY & ACTOR 2012



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